All about the FOOD!

My love for cooking and baking started during my childhood days. Seeing my mother prepare our food and bake some cakes and pastries and native Filipino delicacies have open my eyes to this wonderful world. I have promise myself that one day when I have a family of my own, I would definitely do what she has done for us.

But this seems such a distant dream for me when I got married since I was also working, cooking meals have been a difficult task. My husband and I decided to just eat out. This saves us both time and efforts. We practice such even when I was pregnant. Which at some point prove to be unhealthy for me and the baby. To solve this we have been very choosy on which restaurants to eat. Both of us were frustrated really.

When our baby came, its still take out food for us. Work has been getting on our way. Until we decided that I should let go of my work and hubby went to Kuwait for work. The turning point was when my daughter Anevay started eating solid food.

As a mom, wanting to give the best for her daughter I took a step forward to be in charge of the kitchen. Before, my in laws were the one who cook our meals. Now, its my turn.

At first I was doubtful of my ability. But my motivation to prepare food to every growing daughter has lead to browse cookbooks, keep recipes on the labels of canned foods and even bought magazines. I am geared on stumbling on recipes that are easy to make since I am juggling cooking with keeping up with an energetic baby who jumps up and down the sofa while i slice my ingredients ;)

So, here’s my online recipe. Which i can bring along anywhere in the world!